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June 18, 2024
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May 29, 2012

Facts and Statistics about Employee Theft

You wouldn't think that people would "Bite the hand that feeds them.", but that very phrase has become a grim reality...To the tune of about 994 billion dollars being reported as employees stealing. What is even worse is that theft by employees is rising, and no one is immune to the sting as workers are lured into theft of not just pencils and paper clips, but even electronics and office equipment. Time theft is another dangerous trend in the workplace, and it is becoming a driving force in Federal and private investigations around the country. I have assembled a lot of facts and figures, and some of the numbers that employers have claimed are staggering...

Office Theft:

Time theft can destroy your company's productivity...and Profits!
Time Theft:

Time theft is not confined to any one type of person or industry. It applies to "white
collar" and "blue collar" employees in every type business, institution, profession and
governmental agency. It occurs in every organization with a payroll.


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